Friday, 27 April 2012

The Awkward Moment In Co-op

I've just got back from the Co-op down the end of my road after picking up a pizza, garlic bread and can of coke for dinner and I go to turn the oven on.


There was no gas. We had run out. I picked up our gas top-up card and went straight back to the Co-op.

I walked in the shop and headed straight for the queue. The lady in front of me went to the next free till and I subsequently stood still and waited.

I then noticed one of the check-out girls waving. I wondered who she was waving it. I did notice that she was waving roughly in my direction.

"Do I know her?" I wondered. I subsequently realised that I didn't because if I did then I'm sure I would have waved back and I certainly wasn't waving.

I pondered if she was waving at a member of staff to open a till or help out. I quickly scanned the area and noticed there were no other people wearing Co-op uniforms.

This was strange. Who was this girl waving at? She continued her waving and suddenly uttered the words that made me feel quite foolish.

"Next please"

She was trying to get my attention as I was next in the queue and she was waiting on the checkout. I blushed feeling quite silly.

I wandered over to the till and silently paid for the gas. Here I was standing next to a lady who clearly thought I was either slightly strange, rude or as high as a kite.

I walked home and put the gas card in the machine and cooked my pizza. Whilst eating I mused that I should always try and avoid that check-out girl again.

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